Karzai, Always Karzai

It is difficult to recall that twelve years ago American forces were sweeping through Afghanistan in the company of tribal warriors who agreed in the necessity of cleansing Afghanistan of Taliban militants. During the intervening years Hamid Karzai has ruled Afghanistan in order to ensure that his band of merry thieves can run rampant with power in pursuit of money. Oh,some Nato and American troops fought to prevent his nation from falling under control of Taliban insurgents, but these foreigners employed weapons that, at some point or another eventually led to the death of innocent Afghans. There is no doubt extensive use of drones or bombings resulted in death for the wrong people.

President Karzai has made clear he will not allow Nato and US troops to remain unless they gave up the right to bomb with planes or with drones. He argues these bombings have caused “a lot of sufferng, a lot of loss of life and no gains becauset the country is not secure.” Absolutely correct. BUT, the reason to resort to bombing stems from failure of the Afghan army to establish trust among Afghans. The reason for lack of trust stems from a corrupt government that has lost the trust of its own people. If Karzai wants an end to bombings, then there must be an end to corruption and inefficiency.