Karzai Blames American Soldiers

President Hamid Karzai has been in power for several years. He assumed leadership of his nation when the Taliban was in disorder. Instead of creating a government composed of outstanding business and human rights activists, he stacked important offices with his cronies and family members. Karzai ran one of the most incompetent and corrupt governments in the world and the result was a resurgent Taliban and chaos in his nation. So, who, according to Karzai are the culprits in Afghanistan?

At a speech before teachers, the president blasted behavior by a few American soldiers who behaved in a bestial manner. They killed three men and boasted of the deaths with lurid pictures. According to Karzai, “so during the night they smoked marijuana and opium and in the morning they went out to kill local people. They killed our youth for entertainment, they killed our elders for entertainment.” There is no question his comments are valid in light of what happened.

Karzai is quick to criticise mistakes in bombings that result in the death of innocent people, and he should be critical since his people are being killed. But, when does Karzai attack the corrupt crowd around him whose ineptness created the Taliban? When does he criticise his family members who are involved in drug interactions? American soldiers would not be in Afghanistan except for his incompetence. If he loves the people of Afghanistan so much, why not vacate office and allow competent people to lead?