Karzai Blames Coalition Forces For Killing Students

President Hamid Karzai made a brief statement to the effect that Coalition forces in eastern Afghanistan had killed several students during a fight with Taliban forces. The provincial police chief of Kunar province General Khalilulla Zaiyi told the Associated Press that about ten militants had been killed and he was checking on reports that civilians had also been killed. The fight originated when Coalition troops tried to secure Afghan security force outposts. They were attacked by about 60 militants. As so often in such reports there are conflicting stories and invariably the outcome results in death of innocent civilians.

President Karzai is quick to announce the death of civilians killed in battles, but one never hears a word from the Afghan leader about his cronies in government who deal in drugs and corruption which is the source of what really bedevils his nation. If he spent as much time getting rid of corruption and creating an Afghan army, civilians would not be killed by outside forces because they would be defended by Afghan troops.