Karzai– Don’t Blame Me!

Most experts on the war in Afghanistan are convinced attacks on 9/11 originated in Afghanistan where the Taliban had allowed Osama bin Laden sanctuary. However, according to President Karzai, the culprit was not his nation, but a country on its border– Pakistan. He urged Americans to get off his back and “focus on the sources and the origins of terrorism.” He also went on to blame NATO forces for continuing their attacks on Afghan civilians. “The villages of Afghanistan are not the origins and the sanctuaries of terrorists. Innocent Afghan civilians should not be the victims in the fight against terrorism.” There is no question Afghan civilians are dying. But, Karzai ignores failure on his part to create a government that has the support of the Afghan population. A successful war requires soldiers from Afghanistan being in the forefront of the fight.

The problem of Afghanistan can only be solved by an Afghan government that represents the country rather than the interests of a powerful few. It also needs Pakistan to control its secret service, the ISI.