Karzai Finally Stands Up To Militants!

Sayed Pervez Kambaksh, an Afghan college student, was interested in women’s rights and downloaded material from the Internet dealing with the topic. His attempt to discuss women issues in a nation that allegedly was free from the anti-female Talibans, created a furor among Muslim fundamentalists. At his first trial, which was a sham and he was not allowed legal counsel, Mr. Kambaksh was condemned to death. The British newspaper, The Independent, organized a world wide protest and President Karzai, commuted the death sentence. However, an Afghanistan court then sentenced the young apprentice journalist to twenty years in jail.

Over a hundred thousand people all over the world signed petitions seeking his release. President Karzai, finally bowed to this pressure, and released him. It is believed Mr. Kambaksh is now out of Iran and in hiding to prevent militants for seeking revenge.

At points, we can only wonder why the Taliban were defeated in the name of women rights when the regime that replaced them shares many Taliban views on women!!