Karzai For Taliban?

Most Americans have lost track of how the war in Afghanistan actually began, it comes across as something Americans have been involved in since time began millions of years ago. Say the word, “Afghnistan” and images arise in one’s head of death and destruction. For many, it becomes increasngly murkier as to who are the enemy and who are the good guys. In recent days, the Taliban have urged President Hamid Karzai to stand up to his enemy- the United States of America and join in a holy alliance to repel evil doers from the western world. Karzai received unqualified support of the Taliban for refusing to sign a security agreement with the Obama administration. Let me present a message sent to the President of Afghanistan by his “enemy.”

“Karzai, the president of the Kabul administration, apparently conditionally refused to sign the BFA(bilateral agreement). If he truly understands the real situation, he should reject if without conditionsk from a sense of Afghan spirit The decision of the Afghan n ation is clear: they don’t want any occupier in our homeland.”

Time to go.