Karzai Forever?

Prime Minister Vladmir Putin was formerly President Vladmir Putin and there is scant doubt he again expects to be President Vladmir Putin. Apparently, President Hamid Karzai has a new model according to a secret document discovered by Germany’s intelligence group, the BND. Based on reports from those inside the Afghan government, President Karzai is attempting to ask a loya jirga for permission to obtain a special dispensation and  be allowed to become president once again. However the group  refused to grant this request.

Karzai simply had to gaze north to Russia for a solution. President Putin completed his second term, was banned froma  third term so he placed a stooge, Dimitry Medvedev as the president, became prime minister, and next year will return as president. Karzai is now seeking a stooge president who will do his  bidding. Oh, he intends to create the post of prime minister. Guess who would become the first one?