Karzai Not Happy

It I over a decade since American troops first entered Afghanistan in order to end al-Qaeda or get rid of the Taliban or do something constructive. The bright boys who ran the US government decided to place Hamid Karzai as the new ruler of the country, and he certainly has enjoyed the ride. Millions for his friends, drug galore and a good time enjoyed by those in the power loop. Hamid and his friends have failed to capture the respect of Afghans who regard the entire crew as a collection of men who want money and power-for themselves, that is. The Taliban has agreed to open an office in Qatar and expressed a desire to engage in discussions in order to end the current civil war. Karzai was kept informed by the American government, but he is upset. The Taliban used the expression, “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.”

At the initial stage of discussions, each side expresses its desires. Karzai wants to end the possibility of discussions before they even begin. This man is a disaster, he is power mad. The US must pursue this opportunity and, if the man with an ego refuses to participate, just go on. Eventually, he will join in because this is one person who will ignore an opportunity to demonstrate power.