Karzai, Not Taliban The Issue!

It is now common for President Hamid Karzai not to allow a day to go by without expressing some form of idiocy concerning the United States of America. New Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel was in Afghanistan, but the president of the country refused to meet him due to unspecified “security issues.” Suicide bombers had struck a few days ago which provided Karzai an opportunity to express his anger and nonsense. “The bombs that were detonated in Kabul and Khost were not a show of force, they were serving America. It is their slogan for 2014, scaring us that if the US is not here our people will be eliminated.”

Hagel politely ignored the stupidity of the man he came to see. “He has his ways.” Hagel even had to express nonsense by feeling obligated to inform Karzai that the US was not working with the Taliban! Thousands of Americans have been killed and wounded to protect this incompetent bully and corrupt man.