Karzai Offers VP Choice To Noted Thug

Eight years ago, everything looked so wonderful as the Taliban fled Afghanistan and triumphant forces took over the country with promises of ending discrimination against women and helping to foster modern economic and social ideas. Eight years have passed during which time the people of Afghanistan have once again been confronted not only with the Taliban but a new government composed of swindlers and thieves who will rob the nation blind. President Karzai is running for re-election and he shocked the western world and human rights activists by reaching out to select Muhammad Qasim Fahim who is known as an individual with hardly the best recommendations for honesty. He associates with criminals, has been charged with drug charges and is responsible for the death of many people.

President Karzai did offer an explanation for this intriguing choice. He said although human rights people might not like his choice, the warlord will bring him votes and, after all, what is democracy for but gaining votes? OK, so he hangs around with gangsters, but he can get them to vote and anyone else who would like to stay alive.