Karzai–Our Man In Kabul!

The Bush administration told the American people we were invading Afghanistan in 2001 in order to wipe out terrorism and to bring democracy to the people of Afghanistan. That was nine long, long, years ago and today after years of fighting, the American government can say with pride, we have a great leader in Kabul named President Karzai, the problem is who is he leading, the people of Afghanistan or himself? A man who controlled the government of Afghanistan and in case after case was found to have manipulated vote counts, now charges election fraud was caused by the United States. He was specifically asked if the “US carried out fraud,” and his response was–and is==”That’s exactly what happened,” the United States carried out a “massive fraud” and transformed a peaceful democratic election into one in which –??? I am confused, who did the US support in this “massive fraud?” Karzai won the vote count so who were the Americans supporting?

There simply is no logic in this man’s discussion of his country or voting. He insists the U’s refuses to recognize “Afghanistan is a sovereign country.” Actually, he is 100% correct. Afghan is a sovereign country and it is led by their sovereign, King Karzai.