Karzai-Quit Raiding My Drug Labs!

The president of Afghanistan is upset. President Karzai awoke the other day to learn that a joint Russian, American and Afghan operation had destroyed drug labs in areas near the Pakistan border. They seized millions of dollars worth of drugs and destroyed the labs. As far as Karzai is concerned, the raids were a “blatant violation of our sovereignty” and he is ready to take action the next time anyone takes out HIS drug labs. OH, I realize there are American leaders who actually believe this two bit shyster is some sort of George Washington of the Afghans, but to anyone familiar with the Afghanistan scene it is clear that drug lords are found in the upper reaches of his own government. How the heck can anyone make an honest living if Russian and American agents go around wiping out drug labs owned by drug lords who are also members of the government? What the hell is going on when an honest drug lord who holds an honest government position can’t even run his own drug facility without these damn foreigners wiping out his profits! It’s like illegal aliens in America coming in and taking jobs away from decent hard working folk.

OH, the raiding team also included Afghan agents who work for the Interior Minister’s anti-narcotic unit. I have a hunch Karzai is getting lazy in his old age and allowed some honest guy to get a position in his government. We can all be assured that man will soon be without a job unless he applies for one with Russian or American anti-narcotic agencies.