Karzai Sabotages US

There comes a time when American leaders must accept the reality of what transpires in Afghanistan. It is currently led by President Karzai who is not only incompetent, a liar, but one who can never be trusted to act in the best interests of the people of that deserted land. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton rushed to Pakistan in an effort to halt further attacks by the Haqqani on Afghan forces. One would assume Karzai would support US efforts to halt forces seeking to overthrow the Afghan government. But, this is Karzai and gratitude for the thousands of US and NATO troops who died will never be forthcoming.

Karzai made plain “if there is a war between Pakistan and the United  States, we will side with Pakistan.” He undoubtedly fears that once American forces depart his country, there will be need for Pakistan to control the Taliban and prevent his overthrow. In other words, he lacks any confidence that his army and American and NATO soldiers can defeat the Taliban.

Isn’t it time for America to admit that under current conditions, it is impossible for our forces to attain any semblance of victory in Afghanistan. There comes a time to depart. We left Vietnam and the world did not collapse.