Karzai Says The Right Words, But Actions??

If one studies the history of American involvement with two bit dictators and despots, it is a certainty that upon assuming office after a fixed election, the individual in question will utter brave words about freedom, democracy and how to achieve victory. President Karzai was inaugurated and assured one and all that his government would end corruption, and be headed by competent honest leaders. Even as the words flew from his lips, the men around him were connected to drug lords, and some themselves were involved with the drug trade. Heck, members of the president’s own family are among the top corrupt people in the land. But, to listen to Karzai, his troops within three years will be leading the fighting and within five will no longer need the assistance of US or NATO forces.

One has the impression, Karzai had one too many drinks or he just took too much drugs to make these inane promises. The United States and NATO nations are in for the long haul, and it will not be that much better three years from now if the same crew is still running Afghanistan.