Karzai, The Great Failure!

President Hamid Karzai is to Afghanistan what Ted Cruz is to the United States of America, a voice who is ready and willing to decry and blame anyone who dares oppose his ideas and attitudes toward life. Among the ORIGINAL reasons offered by President Bush for the invasion of Afghanistan and destruction of the Taliban was their oppressive laws against women and desire to restrict females to subordinate their selves in order to serve male supervisors. Upon assuming the office of president by his American benefactors, Karzai spoke about his desire for women to gain equality. There were initial efforts to end restrictions upon females who soon served in government positions including the legislature.

However, now that Karzai is headed out the door of power, he has switched to supporting desires of conservatives to restrict women rights. Seats allocated for women in provincial councils have been reduced and new laws proposed that forbid women to testify against male members of their family, even in cases of violence and rape. Franz-Michaek Mellbin, the new European Union ambassador to Afghanistan has promised to fight for women rights in the face of conservative efforts to end those rights. He notes that Afghanistan depends upon money from outside sources and failure to support female rights to result in the end of such money.