Karzai “Wins” Election By Default!

President Karzai “won” the election for who would be president of Afghanistan when his main opponent, Abdullah Abdullah decided that reality was the better part of valor. It was apparent there was no way anyone other than the incumbent leader would win any election so Abdullah threw in the towel and retired to his home with the other Abdullahs. Obama hailed the election but “emphasized that this has to be a point in time when we begin to write a new chapter.” He warned that his administration was not interested in “words” but in”deeds” and expected President Karzai to reach out to his opponents and form a coalition Cabinet. Of course, Barack Obama is from Chicago and knows all about elections which are won “BEFORE any ballots are cast.

The “election” of Karzai means nothing. Unless a new coalition government is formed which contains business leaders and technocrats it is a hopeless future in Afghanistan. The people of that war torn nation are tired, they lack any confidence in either the honesty or effectiveness of Karzai and his Cabinet of thieves and incompetents. America does not seek “words” from President Obama, it expects “actions” that ensure establishment of an honest, competent government in Afghanistan.