Kasparov Interrupts Farce Trial

There was hope when newly elected Dimitry Medvedev assumed office that the rule of law and order would become dominant in his nation. But, the ongoing trial of former Yukos CEO Mikhail Khodorkovsky proves anyone who opposes Putin will eventually wind up in court charged with one crime or another. Chess-master Garry Kasparov crashed the trial in order to show his support for the embattled businessman whose only crime is daring to challenge Putin for political office. A smiling Kasparov told prosecutor Gyulchekhra Ibragimova that she was seeking to replace “the force of law with the law of force” by prosecuting an innocent man. Naturally, she responded he should stick to chess and avoid law.

The problem is that prosecutors in Russia might be better off playing chess than engaged in law activities that are fraudulent and only reflect the views of Putin and his lack of respect for honesty in law.