Keep Out The Schvartzes!

I am a Jew who lost eleven relatives in the Holocaust. My relatives could not escape death because European nations in the 1930s did not want Jewish immigrants. Israel today is faced with the presence of thousands of Africans who have fled their countries in hope for the economic safety of Israel. Prime Minister Netanyahu seeks to develop a propoganda program aimed at African nations which portrays the dangers of seeking to migrate to Israel. These potential migrants will be warne that Bedouins in the Sinai Desert may kidnap or rob or rape migrants.

About sixty thousand are in Israel. Obviously, Israel can not allow unlimited migration of Africans or Bulgarians or Poles since this influx would change the composition of Israel society. However, using violence against Africans is not in the Jewish tradition. Jewish bullies set fire to a house of Somalian refugees and sent them to the hospital, including one pregnant woman.

A neighbor, Shoshana David commented: “they are really good people.”

Most of these refugees are working. If they leave, who does the construction work–Israel Jews? There is need for a sensible immigration policy that recognizes the reality Israel needs such migrants. The issue is: how many?