Keep Shoes On At Airports

The head of British Airways finally said something about airport security that is a long time demanded, he struck back at American demands that the world adhere to its policies regarding footwear. Going through a US airport requires one and all to remove shoes. OK, a few years ago a man tried to smuggle explosives in his shoes and therefore for ever after all shoes must be inspected. My concern is why do we just halt at shoes? I have never seen women compelled to check their bras. After all, one could really hide something in the bra of a big busted female. I am also concerned about underwear which can be used in many ways to disturb life on planes. A man who did a lot of farts into his underwear could create a smell alert on the plane. Why not have all underwear removed and placed in a safe place on the plane. You could get back the underwear when reaching your destination. As Mr. Broughton argues, there is no need to “kowtow to the Americans every time they create something.”

Oh, and how come they never profile people in wheelchairs and how come they rarely profile we older folk? At age 80, I am just as capable of blowing things up as any 20 year old. Make all old farts go through the intensive body search!