Keep Your Water To Self In Iran!

I confess  to not being an expert in the Muslim religion, but every so often I wonder how certain ideas emerged in this religion. It was a hot day in Tehran and some young people, using Facebook, decided to organize a water gun fight in a park. They proceeded to douse one another with water. Unfortunately, this aroused the anger  of those who defend God from infidels, particularly infidels who throw water on one another. Tehran Police Chief Hossein Sajedina warned these water revolutionaries that their behavior simply was not according to the Koran.

He told these criminals that shooting water not only “disrupted public order and security,” but it could be interpreted as placing “distance from Islamic principles.” OK, so does this mean that hundreds of years ago when desert people reached the Red Sea or the Persian Gulf they did not enter the water? Or does it mean once in the water, no one splashed another human in order to avoid angering God or whoever?

It would  be very Islamic if Iranian leaders for once gave it a rest and just relaxes and enjoyed water on their bodies!