Keeping Pace With Saving Face

The recent announcement that General Peter Pace will not be allowed to serve a second term as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is in accord with Bush administration efforts to remove from the Iraq scene all traces of those responsible for its creation.

Don Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, and Douglas Feith who helped conceive the Iraq War plan have departed for better things to do or other places. General Tommy Franks and General John Abizaid are no longer on active duty, and Naval Admiral Mike Mullen is to head the Joint Chiefs of Staff while fellow Admiral William Fallon is in charge of ground operations in Iraq.

I assume if those in charge at the dawn of creation are not around, Bush hopes to convey the feeling the Iraq War just happened, and he was left with the onerous task of dealing with a problem not of his making. Notice how right wing commentators continue blaming Iran for our problems in Iraq even though Iran had absolutely nothing to do with the American led effort to remove Saddam Hussein. Heck, they hated the guy and welcomed his death.

I await the final denouement of Bush’s story of how he was dragged into this unpopular war. Somehow, the evil characters will be liberal Democrats, and the hero will be George Bush who saved America from the fiasco of the “Democrat Party” war in Iraq. I am most intrigued by placing Naval Admirals in charge of ground operations. Perhaps, this is connected to the Bush strategy of shifting blame. Oh, I understand, the Marines will rush to the rescue and save America from the cut and run Democrats who started a war and now want to flee before it is concluded with victory.