Kenya Democracy Threatened By Rigged Election

The nation of Kenya was demonstrating to Africa that honest elections could be held and an incumbent leader could leave office with grace. That was the intention when the election began, but as results increasingly indicated opposition leader Odinga was headed toward a strong victory, the tides of votes turned and within a few hours what was apparently a victory became a defeat. The Electoral Commission of Kenya(ECK) revealed final figures showed a vote of 4,548,721 for President Kibaki and 4,352,993 for Odinga. Within hours of these figures being published, the head of ECK announced, “Kibaki the President of Kenya.” Thousands of people are now rioting in the streets of Kenya in protest at the blatant stealing of an election.

Last night, early results indicated that at least 20 ministers in the Kibaki government had lost their seats in parliament, a sign that people were voting against the government. Although, there was sufficient evidence to warrant further review of the election, there was a rush to judgment by the election commission and the president was immediately declared he winner. It was not merely a rush to judgment, it was a rush to corruption.

  • Mijungu Billy

    Kenyans will not accept results of a rigged election !

    If the international community is keen , votes were topped up and election officials resigned in protest during manipulations

    Its now time for the world to ask MWAI kibaki to stand down

    Raila odinga is the president – elect for kenya and he is only one capable or reconciling 42 ethnic communities in kenya who supported his as opposed to kibakis 2 tribes

  • Joseph S

    Someone help us. Democrat Kibaki has turned desptic. Media’s gagged, bloodletting is on across the city, we just have no clue as to what’s going on. What we are relying on currently is internet and sms spreading rumours. We appeal for external intervention to restore calm. Kibaki stole the Kenyan vote and many Kenyans would resist his leadership!

  • http://deleted Joseph S

    Can anyone please confirm if the top military and security brass in Kenya have resigned!

  • Fred Stopsky

    I have no idea.

  • Fred Stopsky

    A tragedy of modern Africa is failure on the part of the African Union to stand up for African rights. The AU turned its back on Zimbabwe and, most probably, will ignore what has happened in Kenya. We can only express sympathy.