Kenya Election A Fraud Claims Election Official!

Samuel Kivultu, chair of Keyna’s Electoral Commission admitted there was fraud in the election and that he had been pressured to declare President Kibaki the winner. “I do not know whether Kibaki won the election,” said the commissioner who insisted, “we are culprits as a commission. We have to leave it to an independent group to investigate what actually went on.” In the meantime, hundreds of people are dead as groups opposing the stolen election demonstrate in the streets. A church that burned led to the death of over thirty children whose families had taken refuge in the building to avoid angry demonstrators. Government spokesman, Alfred Mutua, said the government would not accept mediation because the results were in and President Kibaki had won re-election.

After stealing the election, President Kibaki now offers “dialogue” to his opponents. The people of Kenya want something else– an honest count of all votes. The solution does not require any discussion, it necessitates an independent group coming in which will carefully review all votes tabulated in the election in order to determine who actually won it. Kibaki, apparently, does not want such a scenario. He prefers claiming victory and then having his opponents come to him and seek his forgiveness for their violent behavior. Kibaki, like most criminals, wants to shift attention away from the crime and onto the reaction to the crime. There are reports that South African leader Desmond Tutu is on his way to Kenya in order to offer his mediation talents. The opposition does not seek mediation, they prefer honesty.

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    Despite what may have happened,the world cannot accept a leader who promotes genocide and violence to get into power. Raila Odinga stands accused.Whatever support he had in the west is gone,now that his true colors have come out.

    Human life is sacred