Kenya Kan’t Get Peaceful Election

Once again there was an election in Kenya, and once again the prospect of violence and death were the only winners. Once again the results were a narrow “victory” and once again charges of election fraud and irregularities were claimed by the man who lost this election. The last time he ran for president, Raila Odinga was cheated out of victory, and this time he again was cheated out of victory. The victor, Uhuru Kenyatta is charged with international crimes due to his actions in the  prior election which witnessed death of hundreds, if not thousands, due to fears by his tribe, the Kikuyus, who did not wish to live under leadership of the Luos from which Odinga comes.

The only logical solution is a coalition government for the coming decade. Each four years the president can rotate between Kikuyus and Luos. Hopefully, after a decade has passed all might feel comfortable in a Kenya which has become a united government, not a tribal society in which fear reigns.