Kenya Model For Zimbabwe Conflict!

The current crisis in Zimbabwe has made many Africans painfully aware they confronted a similar situation a few months ago that eventually was resolved without a massive collapse of the nation. Raila Odinga, who was cheated of an electoral victory for the presidency, put aside his anger and agreed to cooperate with President Kibak in a coalition government that seeks to avoid the madness that now dominates Zimbabwe where a megalomaniac president is unleashing his armed force and police on those who dare to oppose his rule. Odinga in the new role of prime minister of the country, is currently visiting the United States where he shared with the media the emotions he experienced in deciding to cooperate rather than to fight.

He accepted the coalition government and its large cabinet in order to achieve peace. “The soul-searching we went through on our journey to that point, the sacrifices and compromises that had to be made, the need to address Kenyans’ sense of being wronged and heir unresolved grievances all made for a delicate balancing act.”

Raila Odinga confronted the same situation that is now present in Zimbabwe. Perhaps, the difference is that President Kibaki listened carefully to advice from African leaders and backed away from resorting to violence in order to maintain power. It is clear Robert Mugabe has no such intention and is willing to completely destroy his nation in the quest for power and control.