Kenya Political Leader Urges UN Intervention

Raila Odinga of the Orange Democratic Movement urged outside intervention in order to end the chaos created by the nation’s president who stole an election through means of vote fraud. Odinga claims both the army and the police are no longer able to serve as objective enforcers of law. “The Kenya Army personnel are not neutral. They serve Kibaki’s interests and are not fit to be used to restore peace.” Under UN provisions, troops can be deployed in cases of civil war or when local military forces are unable to ensure law and order. Odinga was particularly upset at police failures since he claims their minds are “poisoned” and they are unable to deal with the unrest that has resulted in over 300,000 people being left homeless.

It is quite clear President Kibaki has lost the confidence of a significant portion of his own country, if not the world. The African Union apparently will not act in Kenya anymore than it made moves to assist the people of Zimbabwe in their current crisis where President Mugabe has also manipulated vote counts. The UN is probably the best alternative at this point in time.