Kenyan Impasse Continues-Theater Of Absurd

The political impasse created in Kenya by the blatant election fraud of President Kibaki is still unresolved. Raila Odinga, who apparently won the election, only to have voting figures undergo dramatic changes in order to allow Kibaki to claim he was re-elected, is insisting he will not compromise on the basic principle that there is need for a new election. “It is hard to negotiate with somone you know very well stole a cow from you.” At a church gathering the leader of the Orange Democratic Movement expressed thanks to the audience for electing him president of Kenya even though someone else as this moment is holding that position. The European Union made it clear to President Kibaki the present situation must be resolved in a manner that “reflects the will of the Kenyan people” and there were hints of sanctions unless he is willing to negotiate in good faith.

Raila Odinga expressed the situation most dramatically when he noted that Samuel Kivultu, chair of the Election Commission had quickly declared Kibaki the winner and subsequently expressed the view he really did not know who actually was the winner. Odinga noted this could only occur in a theater of the absurd.