Kenyan Slum TV Presents The Underworld Of Violence

Pictures of people hacked to death, churches burnt to the ground are shown on TV stations throughout the world, but a group of young men living in the slums of Mathhare are depicting another view of what happened during the violence which swept through Kenya in the aftermath of President Kibaki’s manipulation of the votes. Their slum TV shows women of the Luo tribe hosting rival Kikuyu families, of feeding centers established to help those who have been left with nothing or a man from one tribe coming to the rescue of a man from another tribe. The men in charge of slum TV lack cameras or even access to electricity, they work at odd jobs to provide money for basic expenses, but they are determined to show the world what the poor people of Kenya are doing to create a democratic society.

Slum TV gets to the underworld of how poor people live. They even have comedy shows, one dealt with a preacher who steals from his parishioners or just simple stories like the doughnut man. The recent riots forced slum TV cameramen to get right into the midst of violent action. Their film captured people getting hacked to pieces of a man who put on a police uniform and then shot into the crowd. The goal of slum TV is presenting the downside as well as the upside of daily life in the slums of Kenya.

  • alex

    can you post also the homepage of the project?

  • Fred Stopsky

    The article about it appeared in today’s The Independent from England.