Kenya’s Cup Of Bitter Tea As Mediation Collapses

International mediation efforts to resolve the electoral fiasco in Kenya that was caused when President Kibaki blatantly stole the election have collapsed. Ghana’s Presdidnet John Kuffour left the nation after being unable to secure cooperation from Kibaki to end the impasse and work toward peace. A government spokesperson for Kibaki said President Kuffour had merely come in order to have a cup of tea with their leader. The opposition Orange Democratic Movement had offered several compromises but all were declined by Kibaki. Despite international suggestions he invite members of ODM to serve in an interim cabinet, the head of Kenya insisted only his loyal supporters would be given places in the cabinet.

Samuel Kiviuti, head of the Electoral Commission admited there was evidence of fraud. In one example, h original vote from the Juja area indicated a vote tally of 48,293 for Kibaki and that was the figure ready to be sent in, but somehow the figure was altered to indicate a vote of 100,390 for the president even though no name appeared as signing the new document. The only people suffering are the people of Kenya.