Kenya’s Human Tragedy Continues

A human tragedy continues unfolding in Kenya that was brought on by President Kibaki’s blaltant stealing of the last election. According to Kenya’s Standard newspaper, “most parts of the country were on the verge of paralysis last night as another 32 people were killed in a new wave of bloodletting.” There are signs the entire nation is grinding to a halt as violence between tribal groups acclerates rather than declines. Fighting between tribal members has opened the door for thugs and criminals to use this cover in order to kill, rape, and steal. Two German tourists were killed and robbed by criminals. Kenya’s Finance Minister, Amos Kimunya, has up to this point expressed some guarded optimism, but even he now admits the economy is headed for a major collapse unless the death and destruction can be halted. He noted damage done to tourism, a major source of revenue, will take months, if not years to reapair.

Trains, trucks and movement of goods has been slowed. Even neighboring nations are impacted since Kenya is the source of about 40% of the Sudan’s supplies. City after city is witnessing people begin by protesting and wind up with looting and killing. The police and army appear unable to halt the devastation of this unleashed fury which up to this point in Kenya’s history has never emerged. As chaos reigns in his nation, the only major concern of President Kibai is holding on to his position.

  • journeyer58

    As of now, the people of Kenya are starting to maim and kill Christian Missionaries, who have been in the country for many years and lived among them as people of the land. A case such as this was brought to my attention, this very morning by a relative, who said that some friends of theirs were in grave danger from crowds of people who had started to burn not only churches and people of other tribes but also those who are helping the people of Kenya to rise above their level and start to help themselves to a better way of life. While I personally do not agree with the missionaries of one or another faith, going to a country, solely for the purpose of converting someone to Christianity, the level of violence has now reached pandemic proportions and is spreading to include people who were, by dint of helping to bring medicine and food and life to people those of other tribes. Please accept that this has become a situation and will not go away by itself. How, we as citizens of the world are to help, but not impose our will on the people of Kenya, is something that needs to be thought of and a solution worked out very quickly.

  • Kenyan

    “blaltant stealing of the last election” why does everyone think they are a kenyan expert . The ELECTION IS DISPUTED not blaltant stolen as you claim .Only a court can prove the elections were stole . The us Government has indicated that both sides stole so how is it that you “kenyan experts” claim kibaki stole .

    Just coz the press claims kenya is on fire that doesnt mean the whole country kibaki has very many supporters and is the Legitimate president of Kenya

  • Fred Stopsky

    Most observers witnessed repeated examples of vote fraud on the part of Kibaki, and, to a lesser degree, on the part of Odinga. They reported examples of a vote count at a polling place that dramatically differed from what the election official reported. The head of the Election Commission said he was uncertain as to what the final vote count was. He says he was forced to announce a winner when it was unclear who had won. Those are facts.