Kepler Telescope Sees New Planets

The NASA Kepler telescope is in orbit and within the past few months has located about 706 planets which have the capability of being about the size of Earth, rocky and containing water which are the ingredients for life. Further investigation is necessary to determine which of these planets actually has the capability for life and it will require at least several additional months of investigation to make that determination. At present, scientists believe we have over 460 planets have been identified containing the possibility for life. The latest announcement was amazing in the number cited within such a short period of time.

We suggest that all records of these planets should be destroyed. Given our behavior on this planet, it would not be fair for life in this universe to allow Earth people to wander around with their sick and evil ideas. Since human life emerged on this planet there has not been a single day in which someone was not being killed or mistreated because they are not in “our group.” Save the Universe, establish a barrier that prevents humans from exploring outer reaches of space until they behave like decent life forms!