Kettle Calling Pot Black

I am very proud to know that Saudi Arabia, that bastion of democracy and fair play, is on “our side”in the war against evil Iran. Many Iranians head to Saudi Arabia in order to perform their Muslim duties in Mecca. Of course, when one enters the Holy City of Mecca one must  be on guard to be very holy in dress, behavior and what is in your suitcase. Saudi authorities executed four Iranians on charges of being involved in drugs. There are reports another 18 or so Iranians might visit the execution block before the year is up.

Iran, which after China, kills more people for “crimes” than any other nation in the world is aghast that Saudi Arabia killed someone. They termed the killings “inhumane actions”and warned of repercussions. Iran regards killing people as “contrary to Islamic standards.”OK, so why the hell does Iran kill so many people? Does this mean Iran is NOT a Muslim nation?

We recommend a new entry in the Olympics. Iran and Saudi Arabia can demonstrate their methods of killing folk. Heck, it could wind up as a program on TV!