Key Issue In Israel-Mosque Loudspeakers!

There are issues in the Israel-Palestinian conflict, and there are not issues. A new bill working its way through the Israel Knesset exemplifies how  Jews enjoy creating problems where none exist. The bill would limit volume of loudspeakers in Mosque which are used to summon people to prayer. Actually, the muzzin bill would ban the use of such loudspeakers in any place of worship.  After all, once Muslims are allowed to be summoned to prayer, the next thing they do is plan to kill Jews in their mosques.

Knesset member, Anastasia Michaeli, argues, the Bill comes from a “world view whereby freedom of religion should not be a factor in undermining the quality of life.” Honey, have you ever sat in a shul for hours while a bunch of old man wheezed through prayers? Talk about quality of life!

The important aspect of this bill is to once again  prove that Jews in Israel lack common sense and  prefer violence to peace.