Keystone Cops Run American Security

Anyone who has ever served in the military of any nation in the world quickly comes to understand that when people are placed in charge of securing the safety of a country, incompetence and stupidity will soon appear. The recent example of Nigerian Farouk Abdulmutallab simply demonstrates the presence of incompetent bumbling suicide bombers as well as those who are successful. Dutch authorities announced they had offered to install full body scanners on flights to the United States, but American officials insisted either scanners were for all flights or they would not be installed. Someone, some place was gazing at some regulations when they made that statement.

The media is now aroused because President Obama did not issue a statement two days ago that he was upset at the attempt. Nor did he issue two days ago a boast of catching any terrorists who tried to blow up our planes. After all, George Bush made his boast very quickly and look what happened after he made the statement of catching Osama bin Laden, “dead or alive?”

I await denunciations by Rush and Bill and Glenn about how come Barack Obama was not checking passengers himself!