Khaled Said–Emergency Law Martyr

He was not an important Egyptian political leader or excellent student or prominent businessmen, just an ordinary man who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Egyptian security police grabbed him, punched and kicked his body before finally shoving his head against a marble shelf in a cafeteria. The official police report said Khaled Said died of asphyxiation by swallowing narcotics. Unfortunately, for the Egyptian government the blooded battered face of Mr. Said is now all over the Internet and no one believes he killed himself. Mohamed ElBaradei, former UN nuclear chief, has joined in protests against the Mubarak government for its atrocious civil rights abuses. Hopefully, if there is the slightest chance of an honest election for president, ElBaradei will take on the authoritarian ruler of the country.

Egypt remains an important hope for Middle Eastern peace if it can become an economic giant and use its influence in the cause of peace. It needs leadership like that of ElBaradei who has a humanitarian grasp of the world and seeks creation of a democratic society.