Khamenei Agrees With American Congress

It is now clear that most members of the American Congress have swung over to the side of Iranian religious leader, the Ayatollah Khamenei. Both Republicans and Democrats insist that negotiating with Iran is a waste of time because they cannot be trusted. The solution is to impose further sanctions and get tougher, while always leaving open the option of a little bit of bombing. These American “leaders” believe the most intelligent person in the Middle East is Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It turns out the Ayatollah agrees with this American point of view. He recognizes that some Iranian diplomats like President Rouhani want to engage in negotiations with the UN in order to resolve a problem that has led to imposition of sanctions.

Khamenei told the world that he would allow these negotiations to be pursued, but his heart and mind is simply like those in the US Congress. “I repeat again that I am not optimistic about negotiations, and they will lead nowhere. I am not against them, but I repeat again, it will lead nowhere.”

Khamenei could readily become a member of the American Democratic or Republican party. Of course, as Winston Churchil, the fervent anti-Communist and WWII leader of England once said: “Jaw, jaw, not war, war.”