Khamenei Backs Off –Slightly?

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei once again sent mixed signals concerning what he supports in his nation. He warned those opposing reform and supporting the Ahmadinejad government to avoid making false accusations against their opponents. “We do not have a right to oppose without proof” he told the nation. He emphasized that accusing people in the media was not in accordance with law and should be avoided. Khamenei is attempting to cast himself as apart from those who support President Ahmadinejad and are willing to use violence to crush all who oppose their president’s behavior.

The good news is that Khamenei is urging restraint against political opponents. The bad news is his refusal to admit that Ahmadinejad has violated the law by abusing prisoners. Until he is willing to make such statements, reformers will not have much respect for him.