Khamenei Expresses Anger And Defiance

It was New Year’s day in Tehran but Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei had nothing new to add to comments concerning his nation’s relations with the United States. President Obama had sent a message expressing the desire for normal relations with Iran, but his comment about the heroic efforts of human rights activists did not receive a warm welcome in the heart of a man who actually believes he speaks with God. He angrily responded, “You take the side of rioters and call it a civil movement. Are you not ashamed? You are in no position to speak of human rights. Did you reduce the killings in Iraq and Afghanistan?” Essentially, his argument is that opponents of his government are enemies of the state and must be crushed. Therefore, anyone who even employs words such as, “human rights” in referring to these brave people is in league with the Devil himself.

Obama grew tired of speaking to a wall of hate and appealed to the people of Iran. Reality is the impossibility of having any normal relations with a government that inhabits a fantasy world in which they alone are right and all others are evil.