Khamenei Follies

It is rather nice being an Ayatollah since, othr than God, who can suggest things to do.  In some ways, it is as wonderful as  being a Pope who can issue edicts to His followers. The Ayatollah Ali Khamenei once again ruled out discussions with the United States unless they cesased attempting to bully his nation. “The Iranian nations will not negotiate under pressure. Direct talks will not solve any problems” If I get this right, Iran should avoid talking with other nations because if you engage in negotiations it means you have bowed to pressure.

So, the alternative is: build an atomic bomb, raise the POSSIBILITY that  nut cases in Israel or the United States will launch a massive attack which will dramatically damge the Iranian nation. It would also lead to devastating bombings in Israel and Gaza. Silence may be golden, but it can lead to some mighty bad results.