Khamenei Not Calm About Ahmadinejad

The confusing troubled world of Iran increasingly displays evidence of power conflicts between President Ahmadinejad and cleric bosses led by the Ayatollah Khamenei. The boss man already has vetoed Cabinet appointments by the president and publicly rebuked him for saying things without permission of the Big Boss. Just to make things clearer, Khamenei told the world: “presently, the country’s ruling system is a presidential one…. however, if one day,probably in the future, it is deemed that the parliamentary system is more appropriate… there would be no problem in changing the existing structure.” In other words, Mr. President, shut up unless I tell you to speak!”

Iran is very unstable and this is not the time for President Obama to make threats. It is  time for calm diplomatic negotiations. The US has to work with Turkey since Prime Minister Erdogan has contacts inside Iran that could be beneficial in working out a compromise.