Khamenei Rebukes Ahmadinejad

There are increasing signs of conflict between Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Ahmadinejad who appears to be quietly gaining greater control of the government. In theory, all government officials must be vested by Khamenei, but when Ahmadinejad dismissed the nation’s powerful intelligence minister, the Ayatollah quickly reinstated him in power as a message to the president that while he may hold the office of president, the real power lies with the clerical bureaucracy. Opponents of Ahmadinejad believe he is working with the Republican Guards to grab more power by creating a new military force whose allegiance is to him rather than to Khamenei. The Ayatollah in a further attack on the president went before the nation to proclaim: “I won’t allow as long as I live, an iota of deviation” from the principle that he rules the country, not the president of the nation. The incident arose when Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslelhi was told he was fired by Ahmadinejad and within hours, Khamenei made certain his friend was back in power.

There is evidence that Ahmadinejad wants to dictate who will succeed him and this requires controlling the Intelligence Agency which can assist in deciding who received the votes. Khamenei may feel uneasy that someone remains in office for eight years and then decides who will control the government for another eight. It is the classic tale over POWER. Parliament also seeks more power and a petition signed by 216 of the 290 members of the Iranian parliament made clear to Ahmadinejad that he must obey the Ayatollah.