Khans Exposed!

I am finally sick and tired at these nonstop attacks upon Donald Trump, the only politician who tells it like it is. This Khan husband and wife went on national television to brutally attack a great American, a man who has devoted his life to the uplift of working people, and is the only presidential candidate who lives in a log cabin in the northern part of the Bronx.

So, let’s examine this “Khan” family. Of course, that is not their real name. We have uncovered documentary proof their real name is: Khan al-Qaeda! No one bothered to examine the document Mr. Khan held up. He claimed that it was a copy of the US Constitution. A closer look revealed the name on the book was: Muslim Constitution!

For example, did he really “lose” a son in combat? Really! At no point during his tirade against Donald Trump did Mr.Khan PRODUCE THE BODY OF HIS SON! If his son is really dead, why no public display of the body? Our intensive investigation reveals there is no such “Captain Khan.” Of course, there is a Captain America. This entire episode is simply another of Crooked Hillary’s smear campaign against a true American who has sacrificed for his country. Proof? Donald Trump has in his possession a real Purple Heart!

We challenge Crooked Hillary to produce her Purple Heart!