Khmer Rouge Defendant Blames Nixon

The legacy of Richard Nixon lives on years after his death and the legacy of Henry Kissinger is once again defamed by his bloody hands of war. Kaing Guek Eav–Duch-the defendant in the Cambodian genocide trial says the policies of Nixon and Kissinger allowed the Khmer Rouge to gain power when they were on the verge of dying out. Nixon’s ill fated decision in 1970 to drag Cambodia into the Vietnam war and to overthrow the government of Prince Nordom Sihanuouk placed in power General Non Lol. Sihanouk then allied with the Khmer Rouge which allowed them to become a revitalized force and eventually to seize power and then unleash their genocidal atrocities.

The defendant ran the main jail and is responsible for his actions. Unfortunately, the United States has never placed Henry Kissinger on trial for his actions in the Vietnam War. Instead, he is allowed to wander the land making money.

  • Cambodia

    As a survivor of the Khmer Rouge regime, I can’t say I’m too enthusiastic about the current tribunal. Trying a handful of surviving Khmer Rouge leaders is unlikely to deliver neither justice nor closure for Cambodians. After all, Pot Pol and many top leaders have already died peacefully in their sleeps. Not on trial are the countless lower level KR cadres who were “just following orders”.

  • Fred Stopsky

    It does not look hopeful the guilty will ever be punished.