Kibai Tries Sabotaging Kenya Talks

Raila Odinga, head of the ODM, reiterated his party’s commitment to dialogue with President Kibai who was accused of attempting to derail mediation talks by making “aggressive” statements. Raila said Kibaki was subverting mediation talks by insisting the electoral dispute could be resolved through local courts and that his election was not subject to any further discussion. Odinga said “We in ODM are committed to the success of negotiations and are doing everything in our power to ensure the ground is stable for this to happen. Kibaki must als aproach mediation in good faith.” Trade union leaders have warned Kibaki they are prepared to organize workers in mass protests unless he honestly engages in meaningful dialogue.

Kibaki told members of the African Union that ODM was to blame for the violence in the country and that this was premeditated.” How could the ODM forsee Kibaki would manipulate vote counts to ensure his re-election? The only premeditation was on the part of Kibaki.