Kibaki Putting Kibash On Mediation

From the moment tally results came in for the Kenya elections for president, the incumbent, Kibaki was engaged in manipulation of votes and a quick assumption of power. Weeks of violence and death have torn his once peaceful nation into fragmented tribes vying to express latent anger and hatred. Former UN head, Kofi Annan, has been quietly attempting to reconcile opposing groups and has approached the possibility of a settlement. His plan would create the new position of prime minister and allow Kibaki to continue as president. President Kibaki has been forced to accept the new position of “prime minister” who would be someone from the opposition Orange Democratic Movement, but he wants to ensure it will be a powerless position in order to maintain his own power.

Secretary of State Rice whisked trough Kenya urging all sides to cooperate and President Bush on his trip to Africa is warning Kenya to avoid a Rwanda outcome. The ODM wants action since the process has been dragging on for weeks. Its leader, Raila Odinga believes Kibaki is stalling and frustrating peace efforts because of its refusal to surrender any power to the opposition. Step one is concluding the process is for Odinga and Kibaki to sit down and work out details of power sharing. Kibaki can not be allowed to continue his complete control of executive power.