Kick Him In The Groin!

The current world of education is undoubtedly the most anti-child in recent history. Children are being denied time during the day to relax and have fun. They are compelled to memorize data, tested on the data, and then evaluated on their intelligence. Stimulating critical thinking, stimulating creative thinking have no place in a modern school which seeks conformity and obedience.

A  little girl in a Russian school was captured by a mobile phone standing before a teacher who ranted and raved about her lack of learning. The eight year old stood passively as a torrent of abuse came from the teacher. He poked her in the head, and the little girl pushed aside his arm and then let him have one by kicking him in the groin. She then ran from the room.

This “teacher”deserves more than a kick, he deserves being kicked out of the teaching profession.