Kidnapped By Aliens-Read True Story!

After countless stories from politicians and their family members, it is refreshing to finally encounter a wife who is ready to bring to her husband and her nation important information about the universe. Miyuki Hatoyama, wife of Japan’s new prime minister, is a former actress, author of cook books, fashion designer, and more importantly the first first lady who has been abducted by aliens. She has visited Venus, spent some time with Tom Cruise in a prior incarnation when he was Japanese, and the world’s foremost authority on alien life. After all, how many earthlings have ever visited the green fields of Venus?

Given her access to aliens, it is only logical to make Miyuki, the first female president of the world. Hopefully, she can persuade Venusians to come here and bring their secrets of eternal life and harmonious non-violent existence to the earthlings who only understand war.

In the spirit of honesty, I must confess to having had an affair with Miyuki while both of us were walking through a red field of grass on Mars. God bless you, Miyuki, for the honesty you bring to the political world!!