Kidnapping, 101

One night a few months ago, Nikolai Savel sat around the dinner table with wife and two sons to discuss an idea that had entered his brain. Why not kidnap the son of some rich guy and hold him for ransom? After extensive discussion, one of the sons said he had seen the son of computer wizard Yergeny Karpersky walking down the street near the plant of where he worked. The Keystone quarter decided to intercept the boy, throw him in their car and whisk him away so they could collect a few million in ransom payment. Everything went as planned, they came upon Ivan Karpersky walking to work, they thrust a gun into his abdomen, threw him in their car, and raced away to the hideout. At this point, things sort of went astray. They decided to bring Ivan home with them and use their apartment as the place from which they would direct the ransom operation.

It has often been said, the best laid plans of men often goes astray. Ivan complained to one of the sons that he had arranged a date with his girl friend and she would be upset if he did not show up. Well, son number one, was not the brightest criminal on record so he told Ivan to use his own cell phone in order to call the girl. Alas, the police were quickly able to identify the location of the cell phone, and the Savel family was arrested. Oh well, maybe next time they will use a stolen phone.