Fox News  commentator Robin Robinson and a second grade teacher in New York State are telling children and adults that Santa Claus is a fiction. Robinson blasted parents and said bluntly, “stop trying to convince your kids that Santa is Santa.” I find these comments shocking, and am amazed that anyone working for Fox News does not believe in Santa Claus. Who the heck does Ms. Robinson think gave Wall Street folk Xmas bonus payments of $130 BILLION last  year– the Tooth Fairy?

Kids, there IS a Santa Claus. He does go by several names. You can either call him, Newt or Mitt or Michele or Herman or Rick, Rick or Sarah since all believe strongly the rich MUST receive gobs of money. Please children, do not give up on Santa. Just go to college, learn how to make a Ponzi scheme or get into sub prime rate transactions and you too will get a wonderful Xmas gift from the Republican party–ooops, I meant Santa Claus!