Kiev Explodes Again

The city of Kiev is now the scene of open warfare between the government of President Yanukovych and those who seek to establish a democratic form of life linked to the European Union rather than become a satellite of Vladimir Putin. Current estimates are that about fourteen people are dead after police fired into demonstrators including use of stun grenades. Protesters have been ordered to leave the streets and end their opposition to the Yanukovyuch government. For some strange reason, the European Union refuses to support efforts of those seeking to have the Ukraine become a member of that organization.

Vladimir Putin has released about two billion dollars to the Ukranian government which enables Yanukovych to return to his policy of violence against his own people. If the European Union would grant the Ukranian government about two or three billion it would enable them to turn away from Putin. Does anyone know why the EU will not financially support those protesting in favor of the EU??